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Gone are the days of stuffing invoices into envelopes, stamping, and dropping in the mail. Your customers and vendors want their accounting documents quickly and electronically.

Certainly the benefits to you are obvious: less cost of delivery, less time spent printing and mailing, and of course- faster payment. However, relying on email presents a host of hidden problems.

How do you send hundreds of invoices by email without manually sending each one?

  • How do you know your document didn't get deleted by your customer's spam filter?
  • How do you know your customer read your invoice?
  • How can you keep track of emails that were not received, or were not read over hundreds- maybe thousands- of recipients?

While nearly every accounting system offers some sort of email functionality, these problems have always persisted. Until now.

Introducing ACTIONdocs.

ACTIONdocs is an add-on to our PDFBlaster document delivery platform. We've taken email to a whole new level: adding security, reliable delivery, simple management, and complete tracking.

Send in batch. For starters, ACTIONdocs allows you to send in batch. Say you have 1,000 invoices, purchase orders, or any accounting document that need to go out. All you need to do is print them once, and with a few clicks our software figures out how each document needs to be delivered (email, fax, or printed for mailing), finds the email address or fax number, and sends it through our powerful network of servers.

Simple document management. Then, your online document management portal allows you to see a real-time report of each document. You can see if the recipient received the document, and even if they actually read it. From there you can view, resend, and close any documents with a few clicks.

Avoid spam filters. Because ACTIONdocs emails are sent through our servers, we're able to use a host of technologies and diagnostic tools to maximize the chance that your email won't be flagged as "spam" by your recipients. And if it does get caught in a mis-configured spam filter, you'll be notified and be able to re-send.

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