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How it compares

ACTIONdocs vs. other delivery methods
  ACTIONdocs Delivery Traditional Email Traditional Faxing Postal Mail
Cost $5 per 100 successfully received jobs Included with most ISPs/Websites, but man-hours required to send Monthly and per-call phone charges, plus man hours sending 40+ cents per document, plus man-hours stuffing
Fully Trackable YES. Tracks time sent, received, read NO. Read receipts are often ignored NO. Only tracks that document was faxed, not read NO. Only tracks delivery with expensive confirmation
Ease of Use 15 minute install, no hardware to configure Email server settings (SMTP) often difficult to configure Fax boards, modems and software require configuration and maintenance Stuffing, stamping and sending very time consuming
Spam Filter Issues State of the art spam-filter pass-through Legitimate email often gets caught in spam filters N/A N/A
Document Management YES. Free portal, searchable on each document with ability to delete, re-send, and more NO. Nothing more than your outbox NO. NO.
Searchable Archiving YES. Searchable, secure archive of all sent documents available SOMEWHAT. PDF attachments not searchable in outbox NO. NO.
Batch Delivery YES. Send thousands of documents with a few clicks NO. Send one document at a time NO. Send one document at a time NO. Stuff, stamp and mail one document at a time
Secure YES. Document read through HTTPS security and tracked NO. Email considered insecure SOMETIMES. Not secure through most internet fax YES.

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